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Our business, our passion:

Improve your multilingual communication starting from the source language.

Labrador Language Services is an expert translation agency. Our areas of expertise are: 

From expert translation to augmented translation

“It is true that translation is an art when you’re translating Proust. But in our areas of expertise, translation is a technique. It is based on human expertise combined with cutting-edge linguistic tools. These tools are technological levers that help our translators and clients produce their multilingual content more efficiently.


But to revolutionize the performance of your multilingual communication, we need to stop treating the symptoms of the problem and focus on its cause. When we use plain language techniques to improve the source texts and then incorporate plain language into the translation process, we can translate faster, better and more cost effectively. We are the only provider on the market that can measure and prove this.

Welcome to the world of augmented translation!”

Pierre Lebreton
Managing Director, LLS

If you manage :

  • the market information that is communicated to shareholders, investors and analysts

  • your organization’s ethics or compliance systems

  • the legal framework, either in house or within a law firm

  • your organization’s internal and/or external communication


universal registration documents translated every year and 50 notification brochures and half-year financial reports


ethics documents translated since 2018


of our translators are specialists in finance and law


words translated per year


words revised into plain language in 2021


of IPO translations handled in France in 2021

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