Our network consists of over 350 professional translators and proofreaders, specializing in all areas of law and finance with “vertical” fields of expertise (biotechnologies, aeronautics, automotive, IT, pharmaceuticals, oil & gas, etc.).

As they constitute the real cornerstone of our high quality standards, our translators and proofreaders systematically undergo our stringent recruitment process before joining the team. Candidates wishing to become members of the Labrador network are selected depending on their experience and expertise and tested in real conditions.

They are genuine partners and all of them :

  • translate only into their mother tongue
  • hold a graduate degree and can demonstrate at least 5 years of business experience, in order to master :
    the art of translation
    the content they translate.

  • systematically sign non-disclosure agreements

Our regular clients benefit from:

  • optimal consistency with teams dedicated to their projects
  • maximum availability of their dedicated translators

If you would like to join our team of freelance experts, go this way…