Each translation, goes through 4 quality checks before delivery, in order to guarantee client satisfaction:

1. Preparation
Your project manager compiles all the necessary information (references, specifications…), manages the body of memory banks and glossaries and then selects the appropriate team.

2. Translation
A specialist from our network is assigned to the job. He or she will be translating into his or her mother tongue and within his or her specialized field. Translators proofread their own work prior to delivery.

3. Proofreading
A second specialized translator re-reads the translation, word-for-word, checking for compliance with the source text, terminology relevance and harmonization, spelling, syntax, typos and grammar. He or she also makes sure the work fully meets your specifications.

4. Quality control
Last check on all the “peripheral” elements of a translation – i.e. figures, proper names, format, and typographic rules.