People come first

Human interaction is at the heart of Labrador: Labrador employees are the company’s driving force and always given full consideration when it comes to decision-making. We do all that we can and more for the success and personal fulfilment of every Labradorean.

To this effect, every Labradorean, whatever his or her function, is treated with benevolence and respect.

A ce titre, chaque Labradorien est traité avec respect, quelle que soit sa fonction.


Never give in, never give up…

Every Labradorean is fully involved in his or her job. No effort is spared to respect our commitments in the true spirit of Labrador values. We constantly endeavour to keep on top of our game.


Our success is geared to the success of everyone else

If my colleagues need me, I am there for them. If difficulties arise, I get involved and stand by my team.


Driven by our ideals

I truly believe that financial transparency can change society, just as I believe that humanity, generosity, kindness, courage and honesty are the bedrock of every successful firm.


Shake up and reinvent

My differences, originality, creativity, boldness, singularity are assets to move forward and challenge conventional wisdom in order to undertake, innovate, reinvent Labrador and the world of tomorrow.


Better, higher, further

I don’t content myself with present success. Future achievement is what motivates me.


Happily serious, seriously happy

I handle sensitive information with care and responsibility without ever taking myself too seriously: humour, cheerfulness and audacity are my “weapons of mass vitality”.