Labrador Language Services
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Labrador Language Services

Our mission: maximize the impact of your multilingual communication, starting from the source language.

Labrador Language Services is a subsidiary of the Labrador Group that specializes in translation and plain language

Our expertise:

— Financial reporting and investor relations
— Ethics and compliance
— Legal
— Corporate communication



words translated per year



(including more than 30% from the SBF 120)



(2021 survey)

The team

The Labrador Language Services team is made up of passionate, knowledgeable professionals with varied, complementary skill sets:

—  experts in translation and plain language;

—  quality and vendor managers who hire top-notch translators to work on your texts;

—  design and language consultants who advise you and skillfully manage your projects;

—  a multitalented team of production managers who guide you every step of the way, from the creation of your translation memories and glossaries to the final quality control;

—  client experience managers who cultivate a personal relationship with you and make your priorities our own;

—  an advisory division that offers practical guidance and shares studies with you so you have all the resources you need to up your game.

And many more experts to assist you!

Some of our clients

About the Labrador Group

The Labrador Group’s core business is to design and produce reliable, value-creating corporate reporting. As the French leader in the field and a four-time award winner in the United States, we are continually reinventing our business and updating practices. But even as we constantly break new ground, for over 25 years we have remained dedicated to our primary, people-centered objective: to generate trust in organizations.

We work with 110 of the 150 largest French companies, managing projects and designing, publishing, producing and translating their corporate disclosure documents.

Working hand in hand with top industry experts, we take you through the entire process of creating your corporate disclosure documents and promise to deliver superior service.

Labrador is a method, a personalized journey and a singular state of mind.

What we believe

Laurent, président

“Our objective is simple: to empower organizations to generate trust.

As a communication agency, Labrador is like a UFO in the regulatory universe—an arrival from another dimension that brings new ideas.


We reconcile two seemingly opposite worlds to create trustworthy reporting and help organizations gain admirers. To convince your shareholders, it is not enough to simply abide by the regulations. You need to inspire your readers to trust and choose you in the long term. To help you reach your goals, we have distilled our 25 years of research and expertise in information science into a Method: a 5-point scientific protocol we apply to make your reporting better.

It goes without saying that improving your reporting takes time, and we understand that your time is valuable. With this in mind, Labrador’s R&D focuses on another challenge: helping you save time and gain peace of mind so you can concentrate on what really matters—transforming your regulatory requirements into an opportunity to gain your readers’ trust and make you their first choice.


Imagine what we’ll design for you!”

By Laurent Rouyrès, Chairman of Labrador

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The Labrador method

The Labrador method is a 5-point scientific protocol that helps shape clear, coherent and value-creating information.

1 – What is the message and who is it for?

2 – How should relevant information be organized?

3 – How can information be written in plain language?

4 – What ergonomics should be used to guide the reader?

5 – How is performance measured?

Our answers to these five questions come from our work and research over the past 25 years on reading behavior and the informational impact of reporting materials.

Our values: small player, ambitious ideals

The Labrador spirit is embodied in seven strong values that we strive to cultivate every day. They guide the work and conduct of our employees both internally and in their interactions with our clients, partners and suppliers.

—  HUMANITY People come first

—  COMMITMENT Never give up

—  COLLECTIVE Camaraderie and team spirit

—  CONVICTION Our ideals drive us

—  NON-CONFORMITY Shake things up to reinvent

—  PERFORMANCE Better, higher, farther

—  ZEST FOR LIFE Happily serious, seriously happy

We’re not perfect, but we try our best!

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