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Labrador Translations Online

Labrador Translations Online (LTO) is a web-based, secure platform for submitting documents, managing projects and translating collaboratively.


This secure platform, which clients, employees and partners can access from anywhere in the world, streamlines the project management process.

Central hub for all project stakeholders.

Semantic memories and databases. Homogeneous translations.

Confidential and secure file exchange.

Reduction of translation times and costs thanks to translation support tools.
Editing, proofreading, control and quality assurance.

The benefits of LTO

Confidentiality and security: Files are never sent by email. The confidential documents stay on our secure servers and never travel through cyberspace. Translators and revisers work directly on the platform and can access only the components that apply to them based on their user profile.

The files you need translated do not travel and will never end up on the computers of translators in the United States or China.

Efficiency: work is saved in real time. The next steps are automatically initiated.

Consistency: the teams working on a joint project communicate with one another and have access to the same resources (translation memories and glossaries), which are populated in real time.

Our clients

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