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Tailor-made plain language

Plain language is meant to be understood by any reader. Do you want to measure the clarity of your texts? Train your contributors in the principles of plain language? Improve your corporate reporting? Whether you want to work independently or with expert guidance, we are by your side to help you up your game.

Labrador’s services

Labrador’s unrivaled expertise in plain language helps you make your corporate texts clearer and more effective. Our tailor-made solutions meet all your needs and can apply to any project:

  • 1. Instant assessment

    With Plainly, you are just three clicks away from assessing the clarity of all your texts and quickly and independently pinpointing the areas for improvement.

  • 2. Plain language editing

    Professional linguists trained in the Labrador method will proofread and edit your texts, making them more effective while saving you time.

  • 3. Drafting in plain language

    Let us draft or rewrite your Corporate texts to make them as effective as they can be. Our experts handle the linguistic aspects, relevance, overall consistency and compliance of the content.

  • 4. Language and design

    Comprehensive guidance in plain language + design—the complete Labrador Method—to produce information that adds value for your organization. Your texts are quickly replaced by or enhanced with tables or illustrations, and the overall ergonomics of your content is designed to be reader friendly.

  • 5. Plain language training

    Labrador also mentors your teams of editors and contributors by delivering introductory modules on the principles of plain language, or more extensive training programs taught by accredited trainers. Flexible format to meet your needs, remotely or on-site, for groups or individuals. And starting in 2022: a Qualiopi certification training.

Plainly: the new plain language technology

Plainly is the name of our plain language intelligent algorithm. It is a web application that in three clicks assesses the clarity of your corporate texts and pinpoints the most important areas for linguistic improvement. Whether you choose the free or Pro version, Plainly is the ideal companion for any professional who wants to quickly, objectively and independently improve their texts. It can handle any level or volume of text.

Plain language and translation

Translation quality and speed are two vital aspects of our business that translation assistance technologies are constantly improving. Yet we see the same statistic year after year: nearly 70% of translation problems stem from misinterpretation or the complexity of the source text. In 2020, an international study conducted with BVA measured and proved what we already suspected: the clearer the corporate text, the better the multilingual translations will be. To make use of this finding, we offer our clients integrated linguistic support known as “augmented translation”.

When you apply plain language to your source texts to make them more effective, the translation process is:

  • faster
  • better (less risk of misinterpretation and need to make decisions)
  • more cost effective (less time to translate, check and lay out)

Welcome to the world of augmented translation!

Plain language: before and after

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Labrador Language Services is a subsidiary of the Labrador Group that specializes in translation and plain language.