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Our translation services

Our one-of-a-kind linguistic support that combines plain language with translation guarantees that your messages will be crystal clear. We call this approach “augmented translation”.

Augmented translation measures and improves the performance of your multilingual texts. Starting from the source text, it merges cutting-edge linguistic technologies with our teams’ expertise in translation and advisory.

Labrador’s services

Tailored expertise to guide you at your pace, year after year:

  • Multilingual translations

    Specialized and plain language translations, with full proofreading and comprehensive quality control

  • Proofreading and updating

    - Monolingual or comparative linguistic
    - Updating of your existing translations mirroring your source text

  • Linguistic preparation

    - Creation of customized semantic databases
    - Audit of your existing translations
    - Creation of translation memories

  • Plain language

    - Plain language training
    - Plainly Pro subscriptions
    - Revision into Plain language by our experts

The Labrador difference

Going beyond traditional translation, we use plain language to help you with your source text. This holistic approach to your communication offers tangible benefits for your translation:

  • ease of reading and comprehension
  • time savings
  • reduced word count
  • better performance
  • less risk of misinterpretation

Labrador Language Services is a subsidiary of the Labrador Group. When you work with us, you also benefit from the services of our other agencies:

advisory agency for regulatory disclosure and design

Labrador Information Design

partner agency for compliance activities

Labrador Ethics & Compliance

corporate reporting applied science lab


our agency in the United States


We are experts in legal, finance, ethics and corporate communication

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Labrador Language Services is a subsidiary of the Labrador Group that specializes in translation and plain language.