Labrador Language Services
8 Rue Lantiez, 75017 Paris
Tél: +33 (0)1 53 06 30 80

A network of experts

Our linguists are not just vendors, but valued partners we work with all year round.

Two jobs, three areas of expertise

Our network of linguists is made up of translators and proofreaders who all have threefold expertise:

  • Subject-matter and industry

    our translators and proofreaders have in-depth knowledge of your business;

  • Product

    our experts are specialized in the translation and proofreading of regulated disclosure documents (Universal Registration Document, Code of Ethics, Notification Brochure, etc.)

Why choose them?

They only work into their native language.

They hold master’s degrees in translation or linguistics and have threefold expertise.

We recruit them through a rigorous process. Only 10% of applicants are selected.

They undergo regular training on topics such as the latest regulations, best practices, technology, plain language and more.

They are continually assessed and given feedback on the quality of their deliverables and their performance

They are true partners we work with hand in hand to offer superior service.

What our linguists say:

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Want to challenge them?

Our experts are at your disposal to answer your questions and support you in all your projects.