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Plainly Pro is our language clarity solution. In just a few clicks, it assesses the clarity of your texts, pinpoints areas for improvement and produces a new version of your text in plain language.

Plainly in brief:

  • Clarify: give clarity to your texts and foster understanding.
  • Analyze: audit your texts to find out if readers will understand them.
  • Simplify: write in a straightforward, logical style.
  • Add value: boost the impact of your texts on your readers.

Plainly vs. Plainly Pro: what’s the difference?

Plainly is the free clarity assessment tool developed by Labrador. It analyzes all your texts and assigns them a clarity score out of 100.


Plainly Pro, which operates on the same platform with a paid subscription, is designed for professionals and goes a step further by working with you on improving your text. It takes you through your document, highlighting what can be improved and suggesting changes to make the text clearer.


The Plainly subscription, which you can buy for six months or a year, gives as many users as you want unlimited access to the clarity assessment tool and assistance with clear writing.

What Plainly is:

Easy: your assessment in three clicks

 Fast: your results in a few minutes

Confidential and secure: your data is never compromised

 Accessible: your information is always at your fingertips no matter where you are—all you need is an Internet connection

Autonomous: you are in charge of making your texts clearer

Objective: clarity assessment based on scientific criteria

Ergonomic: an intuitive platform in a familiar computing environment

It’s a practical, user-friendly, educational and self-learning tool.

Plainly: a quick overview

Our Plainly Pro plain language solution:



Plainly Pro measures the clarity of your texts in three clicks based on 15 linguistic criteria (detailed statistics)


Plainly Pro scans the text and tells you which passages could be improved


Plainly Pro advises you on best practices


Plainly Pro suggests changes

How to use Plainly Pro

Example 1.

Universal registration document

Use Plainly Pro on the most read and most sensitive parts of your universal registration document to:

o   make it as understandable as possible;

o   generate your readers’ trust;

o   ensure that readers correctly understand your messages. 

Example 2.

CSR report / Integrated report

Apply the principles of plain language to your CSR and integrated reports to:

o   highlight your commitment to responsible development;

o   showcase your employees’ work;

o   reassure readers about your corporate strategy.

Example 3.

Ethics charter / Expert charters

Revise into plain language to:

  • educate your employees about how to react in dubious situations;
  • inspire readers to support the ethical principles that govern the life of your organization;
  • rally people around your culture of compliance.

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