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Financial reporting and investor relations

You are responsible for the information sent to shareholders, investors and analysts.

We understand that your publication dates are fixed and you have little leeway. Our processes are carefully designed so that our network of top-notch linguists—who specialize in financial reporting—can work within your deadlines and ensure that you release your documents on time.

Unrivaled expertise in:

  • Annual financial reports

  • Half-year financial reports

  • Universal registration documents

    DEU / URD

  • IPO documents


  • Earnings press releases

  • Presentations to investors/investor days

  • We know your documents contain highly confidential information that must not leak, so we use a secure platform (LTO) to handle them in complete confidentiality.
  • Your documents need to be understood by a broad audience that may include readers who are not native English speakers. Our one-of-a-kind linguistic support that combines  plain language with translation guarantees that your messages will be crystal clear.
  • Our teams of translators use technology tools such as semantic databases and translation memories that help deliver consistent translations, on budget and on time.
  • Our semantic databases can be customized to meet your needs—incorporating business, IFRS and accounting terminology and more—and created in any language you want.

Client case study

Crédit Mutuel Alliance Fédérale and CIC wanted to:

  • publish the English version of their regulatory disclosure documents simultaneously,
  • while ensuring that the French documents common to the different entities were translated identically.

We designed a tailored process with a master version to streamline the translators’ work and guarantee consistency while mitigating risk and keeping costs down.

  • The parent company served as the reference entity for the subsidiaries
    → concurrent translation of the Crédit Mutuel Alliance Fédérale and CIC URDs so the two English-language documents could be published at virtually the same time.
  • We used the project translation memory along with the previous year’s documents to guarantee consistency across documents within the client’s budget.
  • We created a shared glossary for the entire group, with Spanish and German versions for the corporate brochures.
  • We provided a bespoke contact person throughout the projects to closely monitor the budget and make sure that all the materials were consistent.

Crédit Mutuel Alliance Fédérale and CIC have turned to Labrador Language Services for the last three years to translate their universal registration document and its half-year amendment.

Our streamlined process helped reduce the translation budgets for the 2020 universal registration documents by 18%.

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